Taking collaborative learning to the next level: Radix SmartClass Tablet Classroom Management Software, a First for the Android Platform

Taking collaborative learning to the next level: Radix SmartClass Tablet Classroom Management Software, a First for the Android Platform

October 30th, 2013

The tide of Android tablets sweeping across classrooms worldwide is gathering momentum. Recognizing this long-term technology trend, Radix has recently launched a version of their globally successful SmartClass classroom management software for tablets. Simply as an add-on app to the teacher’s own tablet or PC, Radix SmartClass currently represents the most robust solution for full management and control of the Android classroom. Inexpensive and simple rollout makes the Radix offering truly viable for tablet-based education. As a peer-to-peer system, SmartClass optimizes existing technology investments, without requiring extra costs for servers, or extensive infrastructure.

Whatever the learning approach – learner-led, collaborative or interactive, the teacher stays in full control of all student activities in the tablet classroom from his/her own tablet or laptop. The software emphasizes the ability for students to be independent learners, while teachers can monitor each student’s activity and progress, helping them privately or demonstrating their work in front of the whole class directly from their own tablet. Keeping students on-task, the software allows teachers to ensure students don’t get distracted or have access to inappropriate resources

Currently supporting Windows and Android and soon to be launched on the iPad platform, SmartClass management software transforms computers, laptops and tablets into interactive, exclusively featured learning environments. Just some of the added value features include full control of student screens for a compete view on all class activities, as well as displaying selected students screens to the rest of the class. Discreet attention can be given to certain students and all the class can be focused and engaged with demonstrations, presentations and real-time video stream broadcast direct from the teacher’s screen.

Despite only months since release, SmartClass for Android has already established firm credentials as a field-proven solution implemented on hundreds of thousands of stations.


Dov Shoham, Radix’s CEO elaborated on the unique merit offered by SmartClass for the Android learning environment: “We’re very aware of the extent to which Android tablets have become the technology of choice for schools worldwide, however there was a clear gap in the market for classroom management solutions catering to Android architecture. The Radix SmartClass software enables Android tablets already existing in the classroom to be used to their greatest pedagogic potential, while saving schools costly infrastructure alterations or further technology investment.

With regards to partnering opportunities Dov Shoham added “SmartClass has already been selected for cooperation with leading tablet manufacturers seeking to authenticate their tablet offering in the education arena. We are open to repeating this mutually beneficial business model by partnering with different venders, applications and projects. We believe our proven education solution can complement technology portfolios by contributing essential classroom management: Transforming highly featured Android tablets into optimized mobile learning platforms.“


Radix SmartClass for Android is already available in 20 languages and integrated in over 30 countries worldwide. Contact info@radix.com for more information.



About Radix:

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