Radix introduces the first Android tablet-on-tablet classroom management

Launching at BETT 2013, Radix announces the latest addition to its IT education management portfolio: The Mobile Classroom Management

December 4th, 2012

Radix is proud to introduce the first Android tablet-on-tablet classroom, enabling teachers to effectively manage and control an Android tablet classroom from their own Android tablet!

Dov Shoham, CEO of Radix explained: “As an increasing number of tablets are integrated into the learning environment, schools worldwide find themselves standing at a crossroads: Whichever path they choose will determine whether the technology will enhance or disrupt learning. With the Mobile Classroom Management solution, we’ve harnessed this key element of the 21st century classroom and ensured that tablets become a teacher-controlled, fully integrated and effective tool for education.”

What makes this latest offering from Radix unique is the direct Android tablet-on-tablet management, in addition to PC-on-tablet, offering a more streamlined and organic approach. This can make practical classroom usage and management feel natural and convenient, particularly when both teacher and students are using tablets.

Mobile device management capabilities extend the support and security umbrella to include multi-site, class-based and nomadic tablet users. Student activity on their own devices (BYOD) can be managed no matter where the student is located, so long as they are connected to the Internet cloud.

The Radix tablet-on-tablet Android classroom also carries all the features of regular class management software including online class assessment and tests, a complete classroom view and control over the applications and websites students are using. An interactive dynamic learning experience not only provides full teacher control of student screens, but also makes collaborative group work as easy to achieve as individual study. Teachers can remotely support students with text communication or by taking control over the student machine, as well as distribute and collect files from the teachers own laptop or tablet.

The Radix unified digital classroom, incorporating popular school technologies such as wireless routers and whiteboards, allows teachers to stream HD broadcasts, CAD files and live video feed, as well as display selected student screens for demonstration.

About Radix:

Since 1992, Radix has developed unique solutions for IT professionals facing the challenges of running complex systems.
Radix” Netpoint Manager is a cloud-ready global management interface for network-wide visibility and control. This affordable, easy-to-use, robust system enables IT administrators and support engineers to centrally control thousands of endpoint computers and mobile devices wherever they are.
Radix” SmartClass transforms students mobile devices into interactive, student-centric learning environments where teachers have full control. Exclusively featured, Radix SmartClass enables teachers to enrich the learning experience, keep a finger on the classroom pulse and ensure each student receives the attention they need.
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