SmartClass for Android Classroom management software fully supports Mauritius tablet project

Classroom management software for tablets in Mauritius

July 17th, 2013

Radix fully supports all requirements of the Mauritius tablet project for Classroom Management Software

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Classroom Management Software

Technical Specification Required

Compliance by Radix SmartClass


Remote log on and log offYesAlso includes lock screens and shut down functions
Show the teacher’s screen to selected studentsYesHigh quality teacher screen broadcast to over 40 students screens successfully tested

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Allows a teacher to select a student’s computer and broadcast his screen to the rest of the classYesHigh quality student screen broadcast to over 40 students screens successfully tested

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Allows a Teacher to open selected websites and synchronize this with the browser on each Student Tablet ComputerYes 
Synchronous/Asynchronous communication between the teacher and studentsYes 
To control and block access to internetYes 


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Radix SmartClass and GeoLock fully comply with all requirements found in the following document:


Supply and Commissioning of Tablet Computers for Form IV Students and Educators

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Procurement Reference No:

MOEHR/TC/OAB 46/2013
CPB Reference No: CPB/19/2013